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How to Know if Your Clothes are Cruelty-Free and Vegan?

David Settles

When starting out buying vegan-friendly products, be it food, clothing or various products claiming to be “vegan” can be very tricky. I had Ugg boots and various fashionable garments that I had to dispose of when I became “aware” and passionate about my dedication to my purpose. My sweetheart bought them for me one Christmas and later that year when it became cold, I pulled them along with other boots from my closet and had to make a choice. I told him “these had to go, baby… I’m sorry.” He looked at me like I was crazy but he understood. Starting at that moment I knew it was bigger than what I ate. I also realized moving forward and sourced products for my company, it was imperative that I did my homework. It’s wasn’t hard but important!

When I started Sophia Jazmine, one of my challenges yet goals was to source eco-friendly material to create our clothing.

The fashion industry has for many years sadly, exploited animals for the use of their fur and skin to make a profit and statement. Our aim is to change this and build awareness in our clothing and message that this is wrong.

In doing this we are creating a cruelty-free clothing line while exposing animal-free products in the fashion industry.

Through a long but victorious process, we found a company that shares the same moral sentiment in manufacturing clothing that’s not harmful to our environment.

We are very proud of our materials and packaging. To all those that said it can’t be done, we are doing it.

Attached below is a link on the PETA website, to assist in keeping consumers and businesses in the know of what to wear, where to shop, and what to avoid. By doing this, you can ensure your clothing is cruelty-free and VEGAN.


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