Our Vegan Clothing

With today’s growing climate change concerns, we at SophiaJazmine are working to change the tide and promote a new path, a path that promotes environmental sustainability through conscious vegan clothing.

We strictly adhere to only using Sustainable ,eco-friendly and ethically made garments for all our vegan clothing. We are committed to making cruelty free, sustainable, versatile, and thoughtfully designed clothing that’s good for both you and the planet.

The majority of printed garments you buy use plastisol inks which contain PVC and phthalates which are harmful to the environment. The inks we use contain no toxic chemicals and are also free from lead and other heavy metals.

They do not contain ozone-depleting chemicals such as CFCs and HCFCs aromatic hydrocarbons or any volatile solvents, and as the inks are waterbased the screens can be cleaned with water rather than solvents. The waterbased ink we use are of course also 100% vegan!

By Using Newer, more efficient dye machines, we use 7x less water than the average clothing manufacturers, saving 24 million gallons a week. Any water we do use goes through a filtration system that allows it to be recycled.

It is estimated that 40 million people are living in modern slavery, 71% of them are women -and the fashion industry is the second biggest contributor.

Our vegan clothes are 100% made in USA and we are very proud to work with factories that empower employees by providing a fair living wage, fair working hours, opportunities for bonuses, a high standard working environment.

We are right now in process of working towards changing our packaging to eco friendly as well, please be patient with us.