I’ve searched far and wide to find a place like PreetiRang

In my journey in finding myself, my purpose in life and happiness, I began health and fitness.  In my journey into health, I started eliminating things from my diet. The biggest find was that animals did not belong. All the things that society taught us was a lie. As matter of fact the deeper I searched the more I discovered. As I removed toxic relationships and foods I began to understand the pain and suffering these Godly creatures endured in the name of this lie.

Passion and compassion began to be my purpose not only to save myself and those I love and care about but the precious animals themselves. It was then I found myself, my passion and purpose for living. Simply this was to not only save me but those that lack the power to save themselves.  I learned that being a vegan was more than not killing animals for consumption and gain, it was to fight for them as I would myself. Yes, this is me, my purpose and my life.  In doing so I searched for sanctuaries to visit and look into the eyes of the animals of which my heart now beats and bleeds.

I went with my family one rainy Sunday and truly fell in love with the people and animals of PreetiRang and made this my journey.  I’ve marched, I’ve spoke loudly and now partnered with this awesome sanctuary.  Webster’s defines a sanctuary as a place of refuge and safety.
It’s my dream to one day start my own.  As I continue this journey creating Apparel and various functions to make this be, PreetiRang has embraced me on this path in which I’m grateful.  I ask you to partner with me in my journey to find that place in your heart to understand my purpose and make it yours.


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By donating you help the animals with food, shelter, vet bills and the opportunity to rescue many more animals (pictured below), EVERY donation goes to PreetiRang Sanctuary. Your Donation is appreciated! Thank you for helping us, help the animals!