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Why to Smoke Trees and Not Meat!

David Settles

I remember attending a march downtown L.A. a few years back. It was called the “March of silence” and would be the first of many events I would attend along this journey. I said to my other half, this would be a small intimate crowd. It may been around 15 to 25 people. Fast forward, it must have been 2000 vegans! I’ve never felt more exhilarated and strong. Just to be a part of something with such a mighty cause and message. Who knows maybe I’m exaggerating, it could have been 3000! Lol

To hone in more to my point, we were unified through silence, our attire, and green tape worn across our mouths to signify a billion animals slaughtered each year… and there wasn’t a sound. No one spoke! It was totally mind-blowing!

Out of the thousands of attendees, I showed up with my billboard. I guess I didn’t get the memo but no signs were allowed. You should have seen the organizer trying to sign that with tape across her mouth. Not only did the rebellion stand out for that moment, the organizer actually read the sign and put up a middle finger and a thumbs up at the same time! I’m not good with sign language but that ranked somewhere between fck me or it, and right on! BTW, there was nowhere to ditch that big-ass sign anyway.

The sign read, “smoke trees, not meat!” This event was during the early stages of the development of my company. I was trying to figure out the essence of my brand, what I wanted to say to people that were vegans and that were not, and the best way to relay it. Although the March spectators seem to repeat this and formulate varied conversations among their friends and particulars circles. It was then it all became clear.

I took a deeper look into the cool sayings and the artwork and realize although catchy it was a very deeper meaning that I was responsible for along the way. Kind of like serving the desert with no meal.

When we say smoke trees, not meat, most get that phrase. But what we very well could miss in that is, just as bad as meat is morally wrong to consume and the many reasons, there are 61 scientific positive reasons for marijuana. It was not until I did my own research that I began to realize how much responsibility I have and my duty as a creative force and advocate for animals. Hence I will along with the many catchy phrases and cool shirts, I will provide the moral concept and rich information which inspires the brand.

Here’s the link with the 61 scientific positive reasons for Marijuana.

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